Corporate Financial Executive, Software Company Executive, Innovation and Change Management Consultant, Author, and Speaker. 

Jack integrates his executive experience in industry, technology, and consulting to speak on Technology Enabled Innovation, Change Management, and Transformational Leadership.

Starting over three decades ago, even before the birth of e-commerce, and through the advent of blockchain in the early Millennium era, Jack took an early and enduring interest in understanding how new technologies create disruptive change while enabling creative innovation in everyday processes, corporate strategies, and even fundamental business models as well as how organizations must adjust and adapt to those impacts.

His decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing emerging technologies have given him a deep understanding of how these evolve and are adopted. This experience enables him to speak with unique perspective on such current leading-edge technologies as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 5G, and the Internet of Things and how, individually and collectively, they will impact business and society.

Jack has delivered over 1,000 keynote presentations and executive forums in 26 countries and every state across the U.S. He is a Yale University graduate, and he holds a Kellogg MBA degree specializing in Finance and Marketing.

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